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What Are Those Stickers On Your Labels For?

You may be wondering what those small white stickers are for that you see on all our product labels. Each sticker contains codes with important information regarding each product’s name, potency, batch number, and expiration date. When it comes to identifying a product like CBD Isolate, this means you can use these labels to better understand your product before use.

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Broad-Spectrum, CBD Isolate, Full-Spectrum, and what our Labels Say

Starting from the far-left side of the batch ID code sticker, you’ll notice a QR code. This can be scanned with your smartphone’s camera to pull up that specific product batch’s Certificate of Analysis (CoA). This gives you a full cannabinoid profile and shows exactly how much CBD (along with other cannabinoids, if present) is in that specific batch. Full-Spectrum products, you will notice, contain less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC. Broad-Spectrum and CBD Isolate products contain 0.00% Delta-9-THC, though you may see some other minor cannabinoids present in Broad-Spectrum products.

The Batch ID code identifies the product and potency, along with the test batch number. In the example given, it starts with the letters ‘FP’, meaning Full-Spectrum and Peppermint. The first number is a 3, meaning 3,000 milligrams of CBD. The next four digits are that specific batch number that has been tested. This Batch ID number should batch the CoA that is pulled up when the QR code is scanned.

The PNR number is an internal numbering system we assign to every Batch ID/QR sticker printed. We may make a batch of 3,000mg Full-Spectrum Peppermint tinctures using batch 1012 on Monday, and again on Tuesday, but the PNR will be different as these products are made at a different time from one another.

The Expiration Date is determined to be two years after the date that specific batch is tested. In this example, FP31012 was tested on 10/21/22, so the expiration date is 10/21/24. We set the expiration date for edibles to be 18 months after testing since there are a larger variety of ingredients used.

We also utilize this batch ID code sticker system so our primary labels don’t become obsolete too quickly. If we printed this information on the labels, we would have to order and inventory thousands of various labels for the same product. This would be very labor-intensive and not cost-effective.

So the next time you see Sunny Skies CBD products, you can easily check the Batch ID/QR code stickers to determine the expiration date of the product and see that product’s Certificate of Analysis. You can also find all our Lab Results here.

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**Standard Disclaimer: CBD is not FDA-approved. We make no such claims that using our products will guarantee relief. Moreover, research regarding CBD is still ongoing and in the early stages.**