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Bulk Solutions

Want Sunny Skies CBD product in bulk but want to do your own filling, bottling, and/or labeling? We offer CBD bulk solutions (such as 5-gallon drums of tincture solution) for a discount.

Sunny Skies CBD products can also be purchased in bulk in half-gallon, gallon, and 5-gallon quantities for a discounted price.

Primary Benefit: Other than the discount, purchasing your products in bulk allows you to customize your products. Standard white-label customers are limited to our packaging options and flavors, but Bulk Solutions customers can use any packaging they wish.

Drawback: You must bottle or fill your own products.

All of the products on our site are also available as bulk solutions. Sizes include half-gallon, 1-gallon, and 5-gallon solutions. Please fill out the form below and our sales team will reach out shortly.




1/2 GAL (1.893L)30ML63
1/2 GAL (1.893L)60ML31
1/2 GAL (1.893L)120ML16
1 GAL (3.785L)30ML126
1 GAL (3.785L)60ML63
1 GAL (3.785L)120ML32
5 GAL (18.9L)30ML630
5 GAL (18.9L)60ML315
5 GAL (18.9L)120ML160




1/2 GAL (1.893L)3oz21
1/2 GAL (1.893L)2.3oz27
1/2 GAL (1.893L)1.64oz39
1 GAL (3.785L)3oz42
1 GAL (3.785L)2.3oz55
1 GAL (3.785L)1.64oz78
5 GAL (18.9L)3oz213
5 GAL (18.9L)2.3oz265
5 GAL (18.9L)1.64oz390

Please complete the Service Request Form below to get in touch with our sales team.


Are bulk solutions infused with CBD?

Yes, we only sell products infused with CBD.

Can I use different ratios of CBD per milliliter of solution?

Yes, but this is a custom formulation, which means we do not have inventory on hand. As a custom formulation, your lead time is 3 weeks, you are required to pay $74 for potency lab testing per solution, and your MOQ is $750 per SKU. You must also reach out to us through the contact form above or by emailing sales@sunnyskiescbd.com to get a quote for a custom milligram content.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

$500 total order size before shipping. Products sold individually. Mix and match whatever combination of SKUs you wish.

Which products are available as bulk solutions?

All products. Gummies and Bath Bombs are also sold individually in bulk.

Can I get a discount if I send Sunny Skies ingredients/materials?

No. White-label products use the same formulations and packaging as Sunny Skies CBD brand products. If you wish to add ingredients or use different packaging, please visit the Custom Formulations page.

I want to offer CBD massages. How would you recommend using your product for this so it’s cost effective and good for the client?

We offer our CBD Massage Oil (with or without vanilla flavor) as a Bulk Solution in half-gallon, gallon, and 5-gallon containers. The solution contains 750mg CBD per every 4oz of massage oil, so the half-gallon contains 12,000mg total, the gallon contains 24,000mg total, and the 5-gallon contains 120,000mg total. For pricing on Bulk Solutions, please email sales@sunnyskiescbd.com

Do you offer label design services?

Yes. Please see pricing and process details on the Private Label Design page.

Do you offer net terms?

No. Full payment is due upon receipt for orders under $5,000. For orders over $5,000, a 50% down payment is required to begin formulation. The remaining 50% must be collected before Sunny Skies CBD ships the order.

Do you charge for shipping?

Yes. If you would like your order expedited, we will send you your options and add the option you select to your invoice. Sunny Skies CBD ships all orders with USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days). If you purchase a 30-gallon solution, Sunny Skies CBD will arrange a LTL carrier to deliver your shipment. You will need a pallet drive (and preferably a receiving dock) to receive a 30-gallon solution.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card or wire transfer. Your invoice will include a link to pay with a card, as well as wire instructions in case you are over your card limit. You will receive payment instructions when we send you your invoice.

What is your lead time?

2-3 business days to ship unless you purchased a custom formulation. For custom formulations, you will receive a lead time as part of your quote.

How do I get samples?

Fill out the form below. Request the products you would like to sample in the “Comments” section. Samples will come with Sunny Skies CBD labels.