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Lab Results

Certificates of Analysis (CoAs)

All products are third-party lab tested. This means that all of our CBD Lab Results come from companies that share our dedication towards the safety and reliability of CBD products. Click on the product's Batch ID to view that batch's CoA.


Full-Spectrum CBD Tinctures


-Batch ID: FU151001 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151002 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151003 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151004 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151005 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151006 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151007 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151008 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151009 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151010 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151011 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151012 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151013 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151014 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151015 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151016 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151017 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU151018 – Unflavored


-Batch ID: FP151001 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151002 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151003 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151004 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151005 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151006 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151007 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151008 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151009 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151010 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151011 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151012 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151013 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151014 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151015 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151016 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151017 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP151018 – Peppermint


-Batch ID: FV151001 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151002 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151003 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151004 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151005 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151006 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151007 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151008 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151009 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151010 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151011 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151012 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151013 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151014 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151015 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151016 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151017 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV151018 – Vanilla


-Batch ID: FU31001 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31002 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31003 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31004 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31005 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31006 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31007 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31008 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31009 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31010 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31011 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31012 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31013 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31014 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31015 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31016 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31017 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU31018 – Unflavored


-Batch ID: FP31001 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31002 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31003 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31004 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31005 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31006 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31007 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31008 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31009 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31010 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31011 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31012 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31013 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31014 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31015 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31016 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31017 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP31018 – Peppermint


-Batch ID: FV31001 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31002 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31003 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31004 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31005 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31006 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31007 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31008 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31009 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31010 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31011 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31012 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31013 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31014 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31015 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31016 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31017 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31018 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV31019 – Vanilla


-Batch ID: FP61001 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61002 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61003 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61004 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61005 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61006 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61007 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61008 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61009 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61010 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61011 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61012 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61013 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61014 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61015 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61016 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61017 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61018 – Peppermint

-Batch ID: FP61019 – Peppermint


-Batch ID: FU61001 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61002 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61003 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61004 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61005 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61006 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61007 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61008 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61009 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61010 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61011 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61012 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61013 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61014 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61015 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61016 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61017 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61018 – Unflavored

-Batch ID: FU61019 – Unflavored


-Batch ID: FV61001 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61002 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61003 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61004 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61005 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61006 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61007 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61008 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61009 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61010 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61011 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61012 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61013 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61014 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61015 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61016 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61017 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61018 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61019 – Vanilla

-Batch ID: FV61020 – Vanilla

Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures

CBD Isolate Tinctures

Isolate CBD + CBN Tinctures

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Full-Spectrum CBG Tinctures

Full-Spectrum CBD + CBG Tinctures

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Full-Spectrum Sleep Drops

Isolate Sleep Drops

Isolate Morning Drops

CBD Pet Tinctures

THCV Tinctures

Delta-8-THC Tinctures

CBD Isolate

CBN Isolate

CBG Isolate

2019 CBD Biomass – Hawaiian Haze

(Not for sale, for processing only.)

2020 CBD Biomass – Hawaiian Haze

(Not for sale, for processing only.)

2021 CBD Biomass – Hawaiian Haze

(Not for sale, for processing only.)




2022 CBD Biomass – Hawaiian Haze

(Not for sale, for processing only.)

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CBD Freeze Gel 3 oz. (Roll-On)

CBD Freeze Gel 4 oz (Squeeze Bottle)

CBG Freeze Gel 4 oz (Squeeze Bottle)


Specialty Products

Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate

Broad-Spectrum CBG Distillate

USDA-Compliant Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate (<0.3% THC)

Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate

(Not for sale, for product formulation only.)

EU-Compliant Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate (<0.2% THC)

Full-Spectrum CBG Distillate

(Not for sale, for product formulation only.)

Delta-8-THC Distillate

(Not for sale, for product formulation only.)

THCV Isolate

2020 CBG Biomass – Stem Cell

(Not for sale, for processing only.)

2021 CBG Biomass – Stem Cell

(Not for sale, for processing only.)




2022 CBG Biomass – Stem Cell

(Not for sale, for processing only.)

Full Panel

Fully-Winterized CBD Crude

(Not for sale, for processing only.)

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