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Dropshipping Services

Have an e-commerce site that sells CBD products? We offer CBD Drop Shipping Services!

Here’s how it works:

 Step 1:

You make a deposit of at least $500.

 Step 2:

We credit your account the amount deposited and send you product images to add to your site.

 Step 3:

When you receive an order on your site, you forward the product(s)

ordered, number of units, and the customer’s name and shipping address to info@sunnyskiescbd.com with the subject line


 Step 4:

We fill the order in 1-2 business days and send you a tracking number and a balance statement.

 Step 5:

We subtract the wholesale price of the item(s) ordered from your deposit, along with the shipping fee, and send you an account balance. The shipping fee is $10 if we can fit the order in a 6″ x 6″ x 6″ box, and $13 if we have to use a larger box.

Step 6:

We email you an updated dropshipping account balance statement.


After the initial deposit of $500, all future deposits must be at least $300.


Can you drop ship orders to customers located outside of the United States?

We can ship wholesale orders to wholesale customers in countries outside of the United States so long as the order reaches our MOQ for wholesale orders, which is $500 for the first order and $300 for reorders. Wholesale customers placing orders shipped to an address in the U.S. receive free shipping for wholesale orders over the MOQ, but customers placing wholesale orders shipped to countries outside of the U.S. are responsible for paying the cost of shipping. We cannot ship retail orders to customers located outside of the United States.

Are there any products that are not available with dropshipping?

Gummies, chocolates, bath bombs, and lip balm are not available for our dropshipping service! The gummies and chocolates are too expensive to ship for retail orders due to the need to use expedited shipping to prevent the edibles from melting. The CBD Bath Bombs and CBD Vanilla Lip Balm are products that are too low a margin for you to make up for the $10 shipping charge.

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