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Private Label Design Process

Please fill out the Private Label Design form below and a team member will contact you shortly.


  1. Our labels are attractive and contribute to our strong brand. We make sure our white-label customers have the same competitive advantage at their disposal with our Private Label Design service. 
  2. Unique design. We start from scratch with each brand, ensuring that your labels look unlike all other labels on the market.
  3. Fully compliant labels.
  4. Unlimited redos until you love every aspect of your labels. 


Step 1

Send us a vector file of your logo. If you do not have a logo, we will design one for you from scratch for $200 (1-3 business days).


Step 2

First label designed for free. We will make as many changes as you want until you are satisfied (1-5 business days).


Step 3

We invoices you for first design and the design fees for any other labels you are having designed (1 business day).


Step 4

When invoice is paid, we design the rest of your labels, making as many changes as you want until you are satisfied (1-5 business days).


Step 5

We invoice you for printing labels.


Step 6

When invoice is paid, we submit labels to be printed by Sticker Giant.

Things to consider:

  1. No misleading statements as the manufacturer assumes responsibility for any misleading statements.
  2. No health claims.
  3. The minimum number of labels we can print at any time is 125. Click here for pricing of different quantities of labels for various products.
  4. If you wish to label your own bottles and control your own inventory, we will dropship your labels to you.


$200 one time fee for a unique label design

+ $50 for a flavor variation for tinctures

+ $20 for each additional milligram option


If you would like a tincture label designed with two milligram options and two flavor options, as well as a topical with two milligram options,
your private label design price would be:
$200 for first Full-Spectrum tincture label design
+ $50 for flavor variation
+ $40 for two, $20 milligram variations for both flavors
+ $200 for Topical label design
+ $20 for milligram variation on Topical

Total = $510


Can I white label your products and design my own labels?

Yes, of course. If you want us to have them printed and handle inventory, we can do that. Or you can have the labels printed yourself and shipped to us.

Can I get QR codes on my label?

Yes, and we highly recommend it. Some states and municipalities actually require them. Your QR code can link to CoAs, a Lab Results page on your website, or whatever else you want. We suggest that it links to lab results. The QR code is included in the price of the label design and will be provided for free. There are also multiple design options, including a standard or plain QR code, one in which your logo is embedded in the middle of the QR code, and QR with banners with different calls to action, such as “Scan Me.”

Do you provide UPC barcodes?

Yes, each label will have a unique UPC code.

The labels on your site are glossy. Can you do matte labels?

Yes. We use Sticker Giant for label printing. They offer a matte label, but unlike the glossy labels, these are not oil and water resistant.

I want Sunny Skies CBD to design my labels, but I want to print them. Is that okay?

Of course. We don’t up-charge for printing. We simply invoice you what Sticker Giant charges us. But if you would like to use a printer of your own or another printing company, that is totally fine! You can even apply the labels yourself. If you would like for us to apply labels you print, please send them to us ahead of your order to prevent delays in filling your order.

Do you use templates for label design?

Yes and no. Most of our customers prefer to have a unique label design, and we will comply with whatever requests you have so long as your labels are compliant with regulations. The relatively large amount of information that needs to be included on a label is a constraint, but we are very flexible. However, if you love our label design and want something similar, we can do that too. Please send an email to sales@sunnyskiescbd.com or fill out the Service Request form below and request our White Label and Private Label Design catalog to see examples of labels we have designed for other brands in the past.

You mention compliant labels. What are the elements that make a label compliant?

A label should include the type of extract used in formulation, the milligram content of the product, milligram per serving information for ingestible products, GMP-compliant nutrition facts table, full ingredient list, contact info for the third-party lab in which the product was formulated, your company’s contact info, a UPC code, QR code, FDA disclaimer, information on THC content, and a tamper evident seal.

Are your labels oil and water resistant?

Yes, we use glossy, oil- and water-resistant labels. They are digitally printed in full color on polypropylene with indoor use laminate. Some of our private labels prefer matte labels. We can absolutely do that for you, but the matte labels are not oil or water resistant.

Please complete the Private Label Design Request Form below to get in touch with us.

Private Label Design