Place a Wholesale Order

Place a Wholesale Order

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Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Yes, there is a $300 minimum order quantity (MOQ) for all wholesale orders. There is no MOQ for individual SKUs. Customers can mix and match whichever combination of products they wish to order if the total order size is at least $300.

Why do you have a minimum order quantity?

We provide high-quality products at a competitive price with amazing customer service. We cannot realize this mission of keeping our prices as low as possible without having quality ingredients and quality people standing behind those products! A minimum order quantity helps us keep both of those key factors in place.

Do you have an online Wholesale Order Form?

Yes! You can place Wholesale Orders online using our JotForm found here. Note: this order form is password protected. To request the password, please send an email to with the title ‘Wholesale Order Form Password Request’.

What if the product doesn’t sell? Do you offer returns?

Yes, as long as customers are using a First In, First Out  (FIFO) inventory method, selling the first unit received first, we offer free returns, and you can return products at any time. To make a return, please ship us the items that you would like to return, and we will credit your account the wholesale price of the returned items, and credit your account. Your credit will be applied to your next order unless you specifically ask us to send you a check for the credited amount instead. If you are shipping returning gummies and shipping them from a warm climate or during the summer, please ship returned gummies with ice packs and with expedited shipping, as we will not be able to provide a credit for gummies that melt in transit. Additionally, please use a healthy amount of bubble wrap or other packaging and avoid glass-on-glass and glass-on-box contact. We will not be able to offer a credit for bottles/jars that are broken in transit.

Do you offer net terms?

Most of our wholesale customers pay their invoices on receipt and we do not ship their orders until we receive payment. However, if you have an established business and need/want Net 30 terms, we do Net 30 terms.

Do you charge for shipping?

Customers will receive free UPS ground or USPS priority shipping (whichever is quickest) if they reach the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of $500 for the first order and $300 for reorders. Wholesale customers can also place $250-$499 orders for their first order and $150-$299 for reorders if they pay a $15 shipping fee and do not order gummies (or chocolates in the winter). Additionally, Sunny Skies CBD will ship orders with expedited shipping if customers request expedited shipping and are willing to pay the cost of shipping.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

All major credit cards, ACH, cash, or wire transfers are accepted forms of payment. Your invoice will include a link to pay with credit cards or ACH. If you need one of the other alternative payment options, please let your sales representative know or give us a call at our lab/office at 715-672-8760 or email

What is your lead time?

Typically, orders are packed and shipped the same day, or the next business day if we receive your payment after business hours. We ship UPS ground or USPS priority mail, choosing the quickest delivery option between them. You will receive an email with a tracking number by the end of the day the order has shipped.

How do I get samples?

Please fill out the Wholesale Request Form and leave a message in the “message box” to request the products you would like to sample.

Do you offer white label products?

All products on our site can be purchased without Sunny Skies labels. No change in price for white label orders. Please see our White Label page for details.

Do you offer label design services?

Yes. Please see pricing and process details on the Label Design & Printing page.

I want to bottle and package the product on my own – Do you offer your products in bulk?

Yes, for Bulk Solutions please visit the Bulk Solutions page. For pricing on Bulk Solutions please email

Do you have any Wholesale specific documents/catalogs/files?

Yes! Please check out our Wholesale Document Portal to view a variety of e-catalogs, order forms, and documentation (password required). To request access to our Wholesale Document Portal, please email us at with the subject ‘Wholesale Document Portal Access Request’.

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