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White Label


Not only is slapping your brand on our products okay with us, we encourage it!


  1. Focus on what you do best: You focus on your customers and brand and leave the manufacturing to us!
  2. Stay lean: Making great products at scale takes significant capital investment and research.
  3. Pay less: As a vertically integrated company that grows its own hemp, does its own processing, and purchases ingredients and materials by the truckload, we are able to keep our prices low. 
  4. Transparency: We are proud of our lab and processes and want to show off. Come to Durand, WI and visit our lab anytime! Additionally, check out our Lab Results page or scan the QR code on the labels to see Certificates of Analysis for every batch of product we make! 
  5. Private Label Design: Take advantage of our understanding of the label requirements to make sure that you are not only compliant, but a step ahead of future requirement changes. Check out our process on the Private Label Design page
  6. Inventory Control: Not only do you benefit from reducing your inventory carrying costs, you can also rest assured that you will never run out of product. Our synchronized demand planning, production, and inventory control processes insure that we always have enough product to fill your next order right away.


  1. Customer reads FAQs below.
  2. Customers create a wholesale account here, or email sales@sunnyskiescbd.com to request a wholesale price sheet and catalog.
  3. If the customer wants samples, s/he requests samples by emailing sales@sunnyskiescbd.com. Please list the SKUs you are interested in sampling and provide a shipping address. 
  4. Samples are shipped to the customer for free and a tracking number is emailed to the customer. 
  5. Customers place an order by emailing sales@sunnyskiescbd.com or by calling 715-672-8760 during business hours.
  6. Sunny Skies CBD sends the customer a Square invoice with the option to pay by card or via wire transfer.
  7. When the invoice is paid (or for wire transfers, when the payment hits our account), Sunny Skies CBD fills the order in 1-2 business days.
  8. When the shipping label is created, a tracking number is sent to the customer’s email address on file.
  9. Customer receives an unlabeled product that is clearly separated by SKU.
Please note that if you would like your products labeled with your own labels, labels can be sent to Sunny Skies CBD at 100 W Main St., Durand, WI 54736, and we will label your products free of charge.
If you are interested in taking advantage of our private label design service, please visit the Private Label Design page. Please note that label design will increase your lead time and is an additional cost (unless you order 100 units of any given SKU).


Is there an MOQ per SKU for white-label?

Yes, in addition to a MOQ of $500 total order size for your first order and $300 for reorders, there is a MOQ of 10 units per SKU for white-label.

Why do you have a minimum order quantity?

We are dedicated to blowing our customers away with amazing customer service. We cannot realize this mission if we open the doors to everyone. While we would be more than happy to learn more about your business or have you out to the lab for a visit, our minimum order quantities are non-negotiable.

Which products can I white label?

Any and all the products on the site.

Do you offer label design services?

Yes. Please see pricing and process details on the Private Label Design page.

Can I design my own labels?

Go for it! Send us the files and we will have them printed for you. We will also manage your label inventory, alerting you when it is time to reorder.

Can I get a discount if I send Sunny Skies ingredients/materials?

No. White-label products use the same formulations and packaging as Sunny Skies CBD brand products. If you wish to add ingredients or use different packaging, please visit the Custom Formulations page.

Can I get a Sunny Skies CBD product with a different flavor or milligram content?

Yes, but that would be a custom formulation, which has a slightly different process with slightly different rules. Please visit the Custom Formulations page.

What if the white label product doesn’t sell?

For your first order, you can return (or swap out) any white label product that you have not sold in the first 30 days after payment. For all following orders, you cannot return unsold product for a refund, but you are still able to swap it out for product of equal or lesser value.

Do you offer net terms?

No, payment is due upon receipt. However, for your first order, you can return (or swap out) any product that you have not sold in the first 30 days after payment. For all following orders, you cannot return unsold product for a refund, but you are still able to swap it out for product of equal or lesser value. We do not begin fulfilling your order until your payment has been deposited into our account.

Do you charge for shipping?

No, unless you need your shipment expedited. If you would like your order expedited, we will send you your options and add the option you select to your invoice. Otherwise, we ship all orders with USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days) shipping.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card or wire transfer. Your invoice will include a link to pay with a card, as well as wire instructions in case you are over your card limit. You will receive payment instructions when we send you your invoice.

What is your lead time?

2-3 business days to ship. We send everything with USPS Priority Mail. You will receive an email with a tracking number once your product has shipped.

How do I get samples?

Fill out the form below. Request the products you would like to sample in the “Comments” section. Samples will come with Sunny Skies CBD labels.

Please complete the Service Request Form below to get in touch with our sales team.

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