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Wholesale Extracts

Great Pricing, Low MOQs for Wholesale Extracts!

Fully-Winterized CBD Crude

(For Distillation)

1 kilogram: $570

10 kilograms: $5,000

Full-Spectrum CBD Distillate

$2.00/gram (MOQ 250 grams)

1 kilogram: $1500

CBD Isolate


CBD Isolate

$2.00/gram (MOQ 250 grams)

1 kilogram: $1200

Broad-Spectrum CBD Distillate

$3.00/gram (MOQ 167 grams)

1 kilogram: $2400

CBG Isolate

CBD Isolate

$5.00/gram (MOQ 50 grams)

1 kilogram: $4,000

Broad-Spectrum CBG Distillate

CBG Isolate

$8.00/gram (MOQ 39 grams)

1 kilogram: $4,800

Fully-Winterized CBD Crude


(For Product Formulation)

1 kilogram: $1,000

10 kilograms: $9,000

Water Soluble CBD Powder


CBD Isolate

$5.00/gram (MOQ 83 grams)

1 kilogram: $4000

For bulk pricing, lab results, and samples for crude, distillate (full- and broad-spectrum, and isolate) please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by a member of our sales team.


Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for Wholesale Extracts?

There is a $500 minimum order quantity for the first order and a $300 minimum order quantity for all future orders. There is no minimum order quantity for individual SKUs. Customers can mix and match whichever combination of products they wish to order as long as the total order size is at least $500 for first orders and $300 for reorders?

Why do you have a minimum order quantity?

We are dedicated to blowing our customers away with amazing customer service. We cannot realize this mission if we open the doors to everyone. While we would be more than happy to learn more about your business or have you out to the lab for a visit, our minimum order quantities are non-negotiable.

Where do you get your hemp?

We are a licensed grower in the state of Wisconsin. We grew our 2019 crop on two fields: one in Arkansaw in Pepin County, Wisconsin, and one in Somerset, Wisconsin. We outgrew those two plots, however, and are growing on a 17-acre plot in Durand in 2020. For more info about our growing methods, check out the Our Farms page.

What solvent do you use for extraction?

Extraction-grade ethanol supercooled to -80C. It is 95% ethanol and 5% n-heptane.

What is your processing capacity per day?

We process 48 pounds of hemp to full-winterized crude each 8-hour shift. The machines are running at least 40 hours per week, and up to 120 hours per week if necessary. We also run the distillation equipment 40 hours per week, and can ramp up to 60 hours per week. We yield approximately 3kg of crude per 8-hour shift.

What kind of distillation system do you use?

Wiped-Film Molecular Still Distillation System. For more information, check out the Molecular Distillation page.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card or wire transfer. Your invoice will include a link to pay with a card, as well as wire instructions in case you are over your card limit. You will receive payment instructions when we send you your invoice.

Do you offer dilutions services or bulk solutions?

Yes, all products (including tinctures) are available as bulk solutions in 1-gallon, 5-gallon, and 30-gallon containers/drums. See Dilution/Bulk Solutions page for details.

For bulk pricing, lab results, and extract samples, please fill out the form below, and you will be contacted by a member of our sales team.

Wholesale CBD Extracts