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THC Remediation

THC Remediation, Chromatography Services.

Sunny Skies CBD provides THC remediation, chromatography services.

We can convert your full-spectrum distillate to a THC-free (0.00%), broad-spectrum distillate.


180g per run

Price: $300


1 kg converted per day

Price: $900

Standard Operating Procedure:

1. Customer sends Sunny Skies CBD a CoA for cannabinoid potency of the full-spectrum distillate to be processed to a broad-spectrum/THC-free distillate.

2. Sunny Skies CBD estimates % cannabinoid loss necessary to remove 100% of THC.

3. Customer agrees to estimated yield and schedules date for processing and delivery.

4. Sunny Skies invoices customer.

5. Customer pays invoice, ships distillate to Sunny Skies CBD, and emails sales@sunnyskiescbd.com with the tracking number.

6. Sunny Skies CBD remediates THC and sends a 2g sample of broad-spectrum distillate for testing.

7. Sunny Skies CBD shares lab results with customer and ships broad-spectrum distillate to customer.


Extracted CBD oils (crude and distillate) are inherently “hot” as THC levels tend to spike during the extraction process. To be fully compliant, hemp must be below 0.3% THC. Extracts like crude and distillate are concentrates, so the THC levels are well above the legal threshold of 0.3% THC.

Using a process called reverse-phase flash chromatography, THC is separated from CBD and other cannabinoids. CBD differs from THC only in the number of -OH functional groups, CBD has two while THC contains only one. These different hydropoxicities allows the THC compound to be separated and removed.

We send all products out for 3rd party lab testing and full panel Certificate of Analysis (COA) verification. With Sunny Skies CBD’s professional THC remediation services, you can be confident that your CBD products are both compliant and deliver the purity and potency you expect.

For a quote, please email sales@sunnyskiescbd.com. Be sure to include the quantity of distillate you would like to have converted. You may also fill out the contact form below.


How long does the entire process take?

For the sake of this question, we say that the “process” is the total amount of business days from the day Sunny Skies CBD receives full-spectrum distillate from the customer to the day that Sunny Skies CBD ships broad-spectrum, THC-free distillat to the customer.  Processing takes two full business days per kilogram of distillate. Small-batch THC remediation of under one kilogram will also take two days. It takes an additional 6 full business days to receive the lab results from Botanacor. So for 1kg of distillate, the “entire process” would take 8 full business days, 2kg would take 10 business days, etc. The lab testing process can be expedited, but the customer is responsible for paying for expedited shipping and rush-order lab testing.

How much CBD loss should I expect?

It depends on the CBD:THC ratio. The higher the concentration of THC, the more cannabinoid loss you will experience. 2% THC will result in approximately 10% CBD loss. For example, full-spectrum distillate that is is 80% CBD and 2% THC contains 800mg of CBD. For distillate with this cannabinoid profile, you can expect to receive broad-spectrum distillate that contains 720mg of CBD and 0.00mg of THC. For 3% THC, expect 15% CBD loss. Please see the Standard Operating Procedures above. After receiving your cannabinoid potency CoA, we will send you an estimate on your predicted CBD loss.

Can you process my biomass/crude to a broad-spectrum, THC-free distillate?

Yes. Please visit the Distillation Services page for pricing. You can also email sales@sunnyskiescbd.com or fill out the Service Request Form below.

I just want to buy some broad-spectrum distillate. How much does it cost?

Please visit our Wholesale Extracts page for pricing by kilogram and by grams. You can also email sales@sunnyskiescbd.com or fill out the Service Request Form below.

Where can I find lab results/CoAs for your broad-spectrum distillate?

Please visit our Lab Results page.

Does my company have to pay for the lab testing?

We require that you send us a cannabinoid potency test from an accredited third-party lab as the first step of the process. Sunny Skies CBD will pay for the cannabinoid potency test that takes place after processing to broad-spectrum, THC-free distillate. It takes 6 full business days for Sunny Skies CBD to receive results from Botanacor (the third-party lab we use). If the customer wishes to expedite the lab testing process, s/he may pay for expedited shipping or rush-order lab testing.

By THC-free, do you mean 0.00% THC, or just under the legal threshold of 0.3%?

0.00%. You will receive 100% THC-free distillate. After processing, Sunny Skies CBD will send a sample to Botanacor, a third-party, ISO-accredited lab for testing. You will receive a CoA with your shipment that shows 0.00% THC content.

How does the lab testing process work?

Before shipping your distillate, please send a cannabinoid potency CoA. This CoA will allow us to predict the %cannabinoid loss to process to 0.00% THC. After processing, we will take a 2 gram sample and send to Botanacor (a third-party lab) for potency testing. We will email the CoA to you and include a copy of the CoA in your shipment.

What is the minimum amount of full-spectrum distillate you will process to broad-spectrum, THC-free distillate?

180 grams.

I have hemp biomass. What is the minimum amount of hemp biomass that you will process to broad-spectrum, THC-free distillate?

150 pounds.

I have crude. What is the minimum amount of crude that you will process to broad-spectrum, THC-free distillate?

6 liters.

Please complete the Service Request Form below to get in touch with our sales team.

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