Extraction and Distillation Services

Extraction and Distillation Services

We can process your hemp to a full-spectrum distillate! 

250lbs of hemp processed for $7500

Lead time: 3-4 weeks to deliver third-party tested full-spectrum distillate

The expected yield depends on the quality of the material. Please email sales@sunnyskiescbd.com or fill out the contact form below for more information on predicted yield, lead times, and next steps.

To learn more about the distillation process, check out the Molecular Still Distillation page.


98.6% Efficiency

  • Because of the unique properties of supercooled ethanol, spent cannabis will typically test below 1% residual solvent. In other words, 98.6% of the cannabinoids in your hemp biomass will be present in the crude.

Zero Post-Processing Necessary

  • Sunny Skies CBD’s extraction method uses supercooled ethanol as the solvent. This produces fully dewaxed extracts, thereby eliminating the need for extra steps like winterization or membrane filtration.


  • Sunny Skies CBD’s extraction process eliminates the need for the extra step of winterization. Our CBD crude is fully dewaxed and free of co-extractables found in the extracts from other processors.

Extraction capacity: 48 pounds per business day

  • Expected yield depends on the quality of material. Please email sales@sunnyskiescbd.com or fill out the contact form below for more information on predicted yield, lead times, and next steps

CBD Extraction Process:

Step 1:

Grower sends his/her Fit for Commerce certificate and CoAs for hemp biomass to sales@sunnyskiescbd.com.

Step 2:

Sunny Skies CBD responds to email, answers any questions, and schedules a day for the grower to bring his/her biomass to the Sunny Skies CBD lab.

Step 3:

Sunny Skies CBD sends an invoice, 50% of which is due immediately, and 50% of which is due when the grower picks up the finished product.

Step 4:

Grower delivers biomass to Sunny Skies CBD three weeks prior to the scheduled first day of processing.

Step 5:

Sunny Skies CBD takes a random sample from each strain of hemp and sends the sample to Botanacor Laboratories for third-party lab testing. The grower is invoiced $335 per strain tested for potency, pesticide, and heavy metal testing.

Lead time for results: 7-8 business days for potency and pesticide results, 13 business days for heavy metal testing.

Step 6:

Sunny Skies CBD performs ethanol extraction, alcohol evaporation, and distillation.

Step 7:

Sunny Skies CBD sends a sample of the distillate to Botanacor for potency and residual solvent testing.

Step 8:

Sunny Skies CBD receives distillate lab results from Botanacor and forwards the result to the grower.

Step 9:

The second half of the invoice is due. When it is paid, customers can come and pick up their distillate, pay to have it shipped, or pay to have it formulated into a tincture for an additional cost.

Distillation Pricing:

Crude to Full-Spectrum Distillate:

$350 per liter of crude

Minimum: 6 liters of crude

Please complete the Service Request Form below to get in touch with our sales team.