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Does CBD Oil Go Bad?

When it comes to products that we put into our bodies, it’s important to understand shelf life and expiry dates. CBD oil is different from the milk in your fridge, but expiry dates are important for both. Expired products can lose their desired properties and can even become dangerous if left too long. 

This CBD shelf life guide will help you to understand when it’s time to chuck your CBD oil in the trash. 

CBD Oil 

An active compound found in cannabis and hemp plant material, CBD can come in many forms but is most commonly found as an oil. You’ve probably heard of CBD’s health benefits, and the list is impressive! Research tells us that CBD shows a lot of promise as a treatment for:

Can CBD oil go off?

There are some impressive potential health benefits from CBD oil, but can it go off? Yes, it can. CBD oil does have a long shelf life and can last for around two years when stored correctly (depending on the brand). But at a certain point CBD oil will expire. 

What happens when CBD expires?

When some products expire, they can be dangerous to consume, but the good news is that expired CBD oil is largely just a waste of money. Expired CBD oil tends to have minimal side effects, but it also won’t be as effective as unexpired CBD oil. Time and exposure lead to CBD breaking down and degrading, which means that the compound is less likely to be active. 

If you’re wanting effective results from your CBD oil, then you should stay away from an expired product. 

How to identify expired CBD oil

When CBD oil has expired, it’s time to throw it out and purchase a new, more effective bottle. But how can you tell when CBD oil has gone bad?

A few tell-tale signs to look out for will help you know when it’s time to upgrade your oil: 

Bad taste

Fresh CBD oil has a distinctive earthy taste to it, but off CBD oil will definitely taste off. If your CBD oil tastes bitter or just a bit “off,” then it’s probably time to toss out this bottle and buy a fresh batch. It is important to note that some CBD oil products can have flavorings added to them, which would impact taste—fresh or off. 

Thick consistency 

When CBD oil goes off, you should start to see a change in its appearance. While normal CBD oil should be relatively clear, expired CBD oil tends to develop a thick consistency and becomes dark and opaque. 

Make sure that your CBD oil reaches room temperature before analyzing it though, cold CBD oil can become cloudy and could lead to you throwing out a perfectly good product before you need to. 

Unpleasant smell 

Checking whether your CBD oil has gone bad can be pretty similar to checking a cartoon of milk—simply give it a sniff. Fresh CBD oil does have a smel: quite earthy and grass-like. But you’ll notice a much different smell when CBD oil has gone off. Be on the lookout for a strong, pungent, and unpleasant smell. If your CBD oil smells funny then it’s time to order a new bottle. 

What makes CBD expire?

Understanding what makes CBD oil go off can help you to care for it appropriately. There are a few factors that can impact how long your CBD oil is going to stay fresh. 

How you store your oil

The way you store your CBD oil can have a big impact on how long it will last. When CBD oil is exposed to air, heat, and light it can degrade faster, become more unstable and ultimately go off quicker (7, 8). It’s important to store your CBD oil properly if you don’t want it to expire fast. 

The quality of the product 

Where you get your CBD oil from can also impact how long it’s likely to stay fresh. Higher-quality CBD should have a longer shelf life than a lower-quality product. High-quality brands that use third-party testing and hygienic production processes are going to create CBD oil that contains fewer contaminants that could impact its effectiveness and shelf life. Sunny Skies CBD products generally have an expiration date of two years (for tinctures and topicals) and one year for edibles (gummies and chocolates). You can find the expiration date on the Batch ID/QR code sticker found on every Sunny Skies CBD product.

Extraction processes used 

The extraction of CBD from cannabis and hemp plants can be quite complicated and there are many different extraction methods available. However, not all extraction methods are created equal, and the extraction method used to create your oil can substantially impact its shelf life. CO2 extraction, for example, is a high-quality method that extracts pure-quality and long-lasting CBD through carbon dioxide. 

Handy hints for extending CBD shelf life 

Here are some simple things you can do to extend your CBD oil’s shelf life and get the most out of your product:

  • Keep your CBD oil airtight: We know that exposure can degrade CBD, so make sure that your CBD oil is kept in an airtight container, and be sure to put the lid back on after every use. 
  • Hand hygiene: Washing your hands before touching your CBD oil can help to reduce transferring contaminants that could degrade the oil. 
  • Temperature: Temperature can also have a big impact on shelf life, so be sure to keep your CBD oil in a cool place with a consistent temperature (no fluctuating). 
  • Light: Another way to extend your CBD oil’s shelf life is to keep it out of the sun, ideally in a shaded or dark area. An unlit drawer is a good option. 

The bottom line 

CBD oil can go bad, but when you buy a high-quality product, such as Sunny Skies CBD, and store it correctly you should be able to keep it fresh for a long time.


**Standard Disclaimer: CBD is not FDA-approved. We make no such claims that using our products will guarantee relief. Moreover, research regarding CBD is still ongoing and in the early stages.**